How Much Money Will Peter Dinklage Be Making For Season 7 of Game of Thrones?

Rich DinklageActors love TV show gigs because it has a manageable routine.

Movies are shot quick and long meaning they spend 1 month working 14 hour days. TV shows are not like that. Everyone is working like a normal person –> 8-12 hours a days 5 days a week.

Game of Thrones is doing pretty well. Currently in season 6 and already guaranteed an extension through season 7, the stars are loving this gig. And so are the fans. I’m personally not a heavy-duty watcher but I do like the show.

So How Much Cash Have The Actors Signed on For Season 7?

Let me tell you it’s a nice sum of money.

$2.1 million for the year for the top 5 actors of the show. Since they’re currently doing 9 episodes per season that works out to just more than $230,000 per episode. A solid raise on their previous $150,000 per episode salary.

Dean Craig